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Happy Birthday!
Aunt Jeannie

70 Great Years !

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Aunt Jeannie

Aunt Jeannie,and ofcourse the cake!

Dina, Jared, Lana, Joslyn.

Deannie & Jared

Patty, Grandma Vernie, Mario, Jared, Lana, Joslyn

Barbara & Joe

Jeannie, Pete, Harriet & Nathan

Joe, Jeff, harriett & Deannie's back

Uncle Joe & Pete

Amanda & Joslyn

Pete III, Sheri Anne,Rebecca & Jeff

Lana & Jared

Mario & Pete jr

Patty, Grandma Vernie, Lana & Jared

Nathan, Joslyn & Chico

Pete Sr & Pete Jr

Jeff & roomate, Harriett & Joe

Patty, Barbara & Grandma Vernie

Me & My grandson Jared!

Deannie, Nathan, Jeff & roomate

Surprise, Happy birthday Aunt Jeannie!

Leg's, (picture taken by Joslyn), she tried anyway!

Sheri Anne,Pete III Rebecca, friend & Jeff

Nathan talks to the Chico, but the Chico refuses to listen.

Time to Go, as Jared waves goodbye!

Tony's Special Note's: When I say Grandma Vernie, everyone should know She is my mom !

and I also refer to Jeff's friend as his roommate because (sorry Jeff) I forgot her name,

Please accept my appoligies. I will update with the corrections soon!


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