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Can 2004 be our Year question mark

It Sure was - Finally! in the 5th Round,
we were UNDEFEATED check out the
Pictures below


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5th round Schedules (HERE)

Click on Logo for "Palm Haven Rebels"
5th Round Schedules

City of Manteca Parks and Recreation
Web site!

View 3rd round standings, SOON !

2004 Round 5 Champions

Just click on the Pictures Below!

Globalnet Champs 1 Globalnet Champs 2 Yup, Tony did have Black Hair once
The 1st 2 Pictures are Globalnet Team Pictures,
and the 3rd, is for those who really didn't think I had
Black hair once opon a time!
by the way, can you guess who Mario is?

See What 4th round CHAMPS of 2003 look like,

Note: Tom Tietjen not pictured, but he helped us get there!

4th Round Champions

Heres a Trophy for the Year Before! (yea right)


2004 Football Season! is Over!

Let the NFC and AFC Championships Begin

SEE Who has which Squares.

NFC Squares

AFC Squares

View Results Every Wednesday (HERE)

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