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  • April Fools e-mail a fake newspaper article to your friends. NOTE! to avoid a problem, DON'T use there form to send. preview the page, than send page at that time.

  • Addicted 2 webtv ? well you will know for sure, when you look at a list of 212 things that might hit home!

  • Sdrawkcab Visit a site and see it Backwards!

  • Beverly Hills postcards sent here, people will really think your in Beverly Hills !

  • Riddlers has a list of games that can be played by webtv.

  • 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon any actor can be matched up with Kevin. check it out!

  • BU's interactive games this one was recommended, I have'nt checked this one out yet.

  • Casino Araneum is a place to play Poker, Blackjack & Roulette!

  • DEEPSPACE 9's catagorizes card games, trivia games, board games, games for Kids, and more.

  • Gids Games another recommended site.

  • Faces . choose the Head, Eyes, & Mouth. of your favorite celeb's, and who knows what you'll end up with.

  • Funplanet. 9 games that can be played with webtv.

  • IQ Test Find out your IQ here, the results may surprise you.

  • Javascript Games, by Armin Kielack, about 10 games, that load very quick!

  • Pig Latin Converter you can enter in a"url" a visit that site in pig latin


Game Console sites!

for you cheaters!

  • BamBam on the Net! an updated cheat site for Playstation & N64. also links to other cheat sites.

  • PSM on Line. for Playstation only, gameshark codes are also here.

  • Secrets of the Sega Sages! cheats & codes are all game consoles, including PC's. it even has a search engine, for a quick way to find your game.

  • Oddworld.ok this is NOT a cheat site, but it is a Must see!

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