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Tony's Sports Page!
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Below you will find:

3 logo's to my favorite teams
in the NBA, NFL, & MLB

They are the Golden State Warrior's,
who had another Bad season ! ........Maybe, with a Trade here,
or a trade there, the 2000 season can be different! (I hope)

The SF 49ers , News Alert !!
The 49ers can't have a season worse than 1999 (4-12) can they?
I'm still with the Niners, although a 500 team is the best that we can expect.
for a few years to come!

And the SF Giant's. ...who are no only the National League West Champions,
but also own the Best Record in the Major League, Congratulation's !!
Now is the time to Win it All, anything less would not do.

Make sure You comment on the Question of the Week !

Also in this page you will be able to send your
comments about your favorite sport you enjoy watching.

You can also let me know what your favorite teams are in the

And finally I have Links to sports papers,
TV sites i.e ESPN etc.

Thanks for checking out my site,
don't forget to leave your comments in my guestbook or in the questionaire area.

My favorite teams

Question of the week

(well maybe every other week!)

The "Question of the Week" will be down until further notice ! (aprox, April 30th) I am sorry for delay, but I haven't been able to devote the time to it. Thank You for your patience.

Three-way tie for lead in AFC East !
Who will be on top when it's over ?

( results will be posted on Nov 15th, 2000 )


(week of  Oct 9th, 2000)

Who will match up in the NL Divisional Race ?


Any other comment's please send them, in the comment area listed below !

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  • 2000 National League Playoffs, provided by.

    • Official MLB site.

    • Official NBA site.

    • Official NFL site.

    • Official NHL site.

    • CBS Baseball, Live baseball as it happens.

    • Football, also Live.

    • KNBR 68, Great Bay area, sports radio station.

    I can't believe I'm providing a Link to The L.A. area, but it's a great site!

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