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In trying to decide what I wanted on my site, I kept getting stumped ! I tried to put things on my site that would please everyone !

Than it came to me...This site should be of things that I wanted, links, interests, etc! In doing this, it's possible (I hope.) that other people may have the same interest's as I have.

Well enough of how and why I started this site. Below you will find an index of pages that are listed on my site. I hope you enjoy them.

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  • Sports page you will find a questionaire about your favorite sport, and team. a list of links. and also A Question of the Week !

  • HTML HELP Links to places where I received help, in setting up my site. and places that were recommended to me.

  • Graphics & Music has links to sites that will give you Backgrounds, gifs, midi's etc, that will make your web site stand out.

  • Fun & Games you will find links to games, that can be played by webtv users. also some MPEG sites.

  • Webtv sites you can find alot of help from these sites, I did. you can also get some great ideas. and Finally a place to link to that has up-dated info on Webtv Plus for Classic user's

  • Search for Anything! Well almost everything, you will find links to alot of search engines, also Library's, maps, even a place to look up a ph# & find out who it is.

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